If you are like most of our clients, you have been bombarded with confusing and often conflicting information about the emerging field of Sustainability and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and what it means for your business.  We solve that problem. 

From strategy to ESG framework selection, program development, and reporting, we provide a steady hand and deep knowledge to guide the development of your Sustainability and ESG program.  We work with you to simplify your efforts with practical, implementable, and impactful solutions.  

Six Key Steps in Developing Your ESG Journey

Executive leadership must be educated on the importance of ESG reporting and the likely impact that ESG-related issues are having within your industry and business.

The Executive team must be totally committed and there has to be a desire to allocate resources to achieve your ESG goals. As an executive, it is your responsibility to position your company for growth, profitability, and reduced risk.

Disclosure requirements differ by industry and not all ESG issues will be pertinent to your business. The key is to focus on material issues that have a reasonable likelihood of affecting your company’s financial position, operational performance, and risk profile. 

It is important to research numerous frameworks to ascertain what is material to your business and which framework aligns with your company’s core values. Most of these frameworks are free and can be easily found online with a simple search.

If your competitors have already prepared an annual ESG report(s) it means two things. First, you are already behind your competition, but more importantly, they may have done some of the leg work for you by identifying specific risks, and giving you an opportunity to benchmark your performance against theirs.

Communicating with your stakeholders is the single most important part of your ESG journey. It is important to solicit feedback on what areas of ESG are most important to your stakeholders and industry. Then communicate openly to share progress and to keep your stakeholders engaged and educated on your progress.

Take 10 minutes to watch our Sustainability Simplified Explainer Video and learn how to start implementing our 6 Simplified Steps right now!


It may seem obvious but take a step back. Corporate leaders are being continually challenged on the question of how the businesses they serve contribute to, and address the myriad of environmental, social, and governance issues that face us today.  Leaders face increasing pressure from political activists, shareholders, social media, consumers, and their employees, to choose a side and make investment decisions based on the issues they hold dear.  Choosing to ignore the importance of ESG, is to ignore the inherent recognition that strong ESG practices directly impact your bottom line. Sustainability programs are becoming a critical component of business strategy.


Together we’ll design and create your Sustainability & ESG Strategy to put you ahead of the curve.

We’ll partner with you to develop your Sustainability & ESG program by: 

  • Conducting a materiality assessment to understand the specific ESG risks impacting your business.
  • Identifying the proper reporting framework(s) best suited to your industry and services.
  • Aligning your leadership team around a comprehensive set of goals, philosophies, and expectations for ESG.
  • Creating the business strategy to mitigate risks and implement solutions identified from the materiality assessment.
  • Directing the development of your company’s annual Sustainability Report and disclosures.
  • Assisting you with change management to ensure that the corporation embraces and adopts these changes.


Your company’s ESG strategy will dictate your reputation, the way your consumers engage, the talent you attract, and your ability to access capital.


See first-hand how Engage supported other clients in the energy and industrial sectors.

Establishing a Sustainability Report for Deep Well Services

Deep Well Services leadership, like many business leaders, are being continually challenged on the question of how their business serves to contribute to, and address the myriad of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues that face us today. 

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Let’s frame your Sustainability Program in terms of long-term value and future successes. Together, we’ll strengthen your company’s public image by building trust, credibility, and confidence in your organization with investors, customers, employees, regulators, and the communities you serve.

Demonstrating leadership by making ESG a priority, shows the marketplace that you are committed to cultivating a positive brand image and being regarded as a leader in your industry and within your community.

Sustainability built on solid ESG principles is one of the best business decisions your organization can make.


Let us present our educational resource, Sustainability Simplified, to your employees or organization. We have partnered with several companies, industries associations, and professional service firms to educate their people on how Sustainability & ESG is (or will soon be) affecting their work environment, clients, and livelihood. 

If you would be interested in having Engage provide a customized presentation to your group, please fill out the form below. We have been able to accommodate in-person as well as virtual audiences and would be happy to discuss this great opportunity with you.