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We build trust, teamwork, and a culture of performance that values innovation and collaborative solutions

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Creating experiences with our clients that are second to none

Engage was founded to help organizations build world class Business Transformation, Asset Lifecycle Management, and Corporate Social Responsibility programs. There are many ways to do this; however, the Engage approach is truly innovative and uniquely tailored to each client. We create value out of risk, and we can show you how to reduce costs and increase profits through our process.

We begin with an assessment of our client’s business and what makes them remarkable, as well as vulnerable. We then execute a bespoke approach designed to leverage the talents of your employees and the unique knowledge of your competitors and customers to truly build a one of kind competitive advantage.

This assures engagement and buy-in at every level of the organization. This is supported with world-class research and analysis of the risks impacting your business, an assessment of your business processes compared to industry best practices, and a comprehensive strategy and roadmap to lead you to improved operational and financial performance.


Research & Analysis


Design Thinking


Agile Project Management
Where Do You Want To Go?
Green Arrow
Where Are You Now?
Green Arrow
What's the New Operating Model Design?
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How Will You implement and manage the Change?
How Will You Know When You’ve Got THERE?
Strategic Guidance & Leadership Directives

Establish goals and desired outcomes

Gap Assessment & ROI

Assess Gaps and prioritize improvements

& Design

Develop strategic growth initiatives & workstreams

Evaluate Options


Implementing the strategic growth initiatives & workstreams

Balanced Scorecard

Measuring the benefits & making improvements

Bullseye Prioritization & Analysis of Tradeoffs
Timeline Timeline for Cost Specificity
Ownership Ownership
Justification Robust Justification
Planned Resourcing & Investment
Functional Alignment & Buy-in

Can't find what you need? We can create a customized solution tailored to your unique enterprise and needs.

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