person in a suit holding a sapling representing sustainable practices for businesses.

Role of Businesses in Advancing Sustainability Practices

Person in a suit holding a sapling representing suitability practices in business.

Today, businesses play a crucial role in sustainability by incorporating environmentally and socially friendly policies and practices into their business operations. Small changes can make a big impact.  In this blog we are going to discuss the different ways that your business can approach sustainability as a conscience business model. No matter your industry, sustainability will be a business driver for decades to come.

Keyways that businesses can contribute to sustainability include:

Adopting Green Technologies

Adopting green technologies and initiatives to reduce carbon footprint and energy consumption. For example, businesses have been known for planting trees and reclaiming previously damaged land. Or they replace appliances and technology like computers with models that are more energy efficient and perhaps Energy Star Certified.  In fact, many businesses, schools, manufacturers, and more aim to be Energy Star Compliant. You can search the list HERE.

Sustainable Supply Chains

Implementing sustainable supply chain management to ensure responsible sourcing and production. Businesses require that their upstream vendors use more recycled materials or reusable items like wooden pallets, reduce plastic packaging, and even return used products to upcycle them for future use.

Reducing Waste

Reducing waste through recycling and proper disposal methods is a key component for sustainability. For instance, many of our countries’ big box stores have strong recycling programs. Many concentrates on reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Walmart has been a key business advocate in moving towards a “more circular economy, meaning a transition from a “take-make-dispose” approach to one that values the reuse, recycling, and regeneration of materials.” Their goal to achieve “Zero waste” in global operations. To do that, they must work with suppliers and the customers that they serve in the community to improve their overall circular efforts.

In fact, about 56% of paper/cardboard waste in the USA ends up in landfills, according to an April 2024 study by Science Direct.

Community Initiatives for Corporate and Social Responsibility

Community participating in a tree planting as part of suitability practices

Engaging in corporate social responsibility activities that benefit the environment and local communities. The City of Flagstaff, Arizona, has been implementing a reduction of light pollution. The city first began this initiative in 1958, and today, it is one of the few “International Dark-Sky Communities” by the IDA. The goal is to reduce the carbon spent on lighting in the evenings and the light pollution that blocks the view of the stars at night.

“Every year, this success is celebrated at the city’s annual Lights Out Flagstaff event, a two-day celebration in which homes, businesses, and public buildings turn off non-essential lights to show their commitment to responsible energy consumption and to celebrate Flagstaff’s night sky heritage. Local community groups provide astronomy programs for residents, and the local Lowell Observatory offers free public viewing events. The educational events serve as an important supplement to city-mandated lighting ordinances, helping to inform the Flagstaff community about the value of their dark sky.”

This is a wonderful example of how local businesses, community leaders, and the vast majority of the local population worked together to achieve the goal of reducing light pollution, ensuring that generations to come can enjoy the celestial views. 

How Can Engage Energy and Industrial Consulting Help You?

Every business, no matter the size, can create sustainability initiatives. These businesses serve as examples of how companies can make a positive impact on sustainability through their operations, products, and supply chains. We can help you. Contact Engage Energy and Industrial Consulting today to get started.



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