Our customers benefit from a focused strategy and roadmap that balance risk with the financial opportunities available. We enable companies to create innovative and sustainable improvements—with bankable, double-digit returns on investments.

As a business leader, ask yourself:

  • Am I confident that my asset management program is reducing costs and improving performance, or am I doing what I’m doing today because it’s what I’ve always done?
  • Am I embracing sustainable environmental, social, and economic principles that are enabling my company to realize its full potential and value?
  • Do I understand the dramatic changes happening in the economy and how to transform my business to adapt?

Today’s successful companies realize that by integrating best practices in asset lifecycle management (ALM) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) into their business strategy and operating models, they are improving profits—and transforming the lives of their employees, customers, and communities.  Use our library of free resources to begin your journey.

Engage EIC Overview
Our approach is uniquely tailored to each client’s business environment. We believe in the convergence of technology, people, and processes to drive optimal financial, human, and operational performance.
Empathy Map Template
Empathy mapping is a critical element within Design Thinking that focuses on each impacted role and is a great exercise for groups to “get inside the heads” of the user. It ensures that we understand and empathize with the audience they are designing for.
Business Case Guide & Template
Decision makers may be dealing with a host of competing priorities and resource constraints. This template will help you organize the key information required to make your business case a success.
Guide to Asset Lifecycle Management
Managing the lifecycle of an asset requires disciplines from across all areas of an enterprise. Our team conducts thorough assessments of business environments and assets across the areas of environmental, health, and safety, data analytics and more.
Guide to Business Transformation
Business Transformation is an opportunity to unlock the potential of your business to deliver breakthrough performance. It involves strategic decisions that transform where you will grow, how you will operate, and what kind of value you can sustain.
Guide to Corporate Responsibility
Business leaders are being challenged on the question of how the businesses they serve contribute to the myriad of economic, social, and environmental issues that face us today. Use this handy guide to help you navigate these complexities.